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Ferro Tungsten Powder

Ferro Tungsten Powder Manufacturers

Ferro Tungsten Powder has a robust alloy element due to its high melting point. It is useful for manufacturing in steel components. This powder has that ability to cut metal at very high speed movement. It is known for reduction of high purity of tungsten oxides. Ferro Tungsten Powder is suitable for many commercial industries such as aerospace, casting, tabular electrodes. It is easily dissolve with another chemical without any extra efforts. It doesnt include any impurity.

G K Min Met Alloys Co is the most high-quality Ferro Tungsten Powder Manufacturers in Vadodara. Ferro tungsten is commonly utilized in the manufacture of high-speed steel, which contains up to 20% pure tungsten. It is also utilized in the manufacture of turbine blades as a wear-recoating material in various areas. Due to its weight, ferrotungsten is frequently utilized in fishing lures. Counterweights, ballast keels, commercial aircraft tail ballast, and Formula One ballast are all examples of their applications. Ferro tungsten is also used in armaments as high kinetic energy penetrators instead of depleted uranium, as well as in projectiles to make super and hypersonic shrapnel. Ferro tungsten is also employed in the Production of hard-facing electrodes and tubular electrodes.


Why consider us?

  • Our Ferro Tungsten Powder boasts exceptional purity, ensuring high-performance results in various applications. 
  • Our Ferro Tungsten Powder is carefully formulated to meet specific chemical composition requirements. This optimized composition guarantees exceptional chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and overall material performance. 
  • With our Ferro Tungsten Powder, you can confidently create Products that withstand harsh environments, exhibit long-lasting durability, and deliver excellent value to your customers.


Get in contact with the safest Ferro Tungsten Powder Exporters and Suppliers in India. Customers love our Ferro Tungsten Powder for its unmatched purity, consistent particle size distribution, excellent chemical composition, and reliable supply chain. By choosing our Ferro Tungsten Powder, customers can be confident in the reliability, durability, and overall performance of their end Products, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and business success.


Typical Specifications :

  • W 70% Min & 75% Min
  • C 0.10% Max
  • Si 1% Max
  • P 0.010% Max S 0.020% Max


  • Ferro tungsten is widely used in making high speed steel which has as much as about 20% of pure tungsten in it.
  • It is also used in making turbine blades, as wear recoating in various parts.
  • Ferro tungsten is also used in fishing lures as it quickly submerges in water due to weight.
  • Used as counter weights, ballast keels, commercial aircraft tail ballast, & Formula 1 ballast.
  • Ferro tungsten is also has wide applications in armaments in form of high kinetic energy penetrators instead of using depleted uranium, in projectiles to create super & hyper sonic shrapnel.
  • Ferro Tungsten is also used in manufacturing of Hardfacing electrodes & Hardfacing tubular electrodes.

Packing: Double Liner HDPE Bags/Steel Drums for Exports.


We serve our customers with custom packing requirements & we support door step delivery of our material wherever possible.


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